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SEE CLEAR helps people realize “their” destiny, and to become what “they’ve” been waiting for!


Tracey and Curtis

SEE CLEAR (formerly C-clear), was born shortly after Curtis and Tracey met, and got married. They shared a collective passion for people, and the community in which they lived. Curtis and Tracey believed that by investing their knowledge, experiences, and natural talents back into the community, that they could Support, Educate and Empower the Community, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Artists for the purposes of individual wealth building, and broader community Revitalization. Hence the name: SEE CLEAR.


It’s been a long journey, and now Curtis and Tracey are well on their way to building upon their vision, and positively impacting many lives. What started out as Curtis and Tracey’s passion, has turned into their life’s work. Stay tuned as they delve into the limitless possibilities of connecting people to opportunities in employment, education, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Your business or organization will benefit from our unique infusion of professional and educational experiences, which include non-profit, business, and arts administration, marketing, fundraising, social services, urban ministry, and education.

Our Client's Say...

Chris Thomas, Founder
FAACTS Foundation

“The FAACTS Foundation helps to guide students through the financial aid process while also providing education on repayment options, student loans, grants and scholarships. SEE CLEAR, is working with me to scale my business, identify funding opportunities, and develop an elevator pitch. This process has given me the confidence to grow my organization, and to serve more students.”

Chris Thomas
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