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I see YOU.

Bakery Square (East Liberty)

I see YOU was inspired by our work in residence with 4th and 5th grade students at Lincoln Elementary and Urban Academy in Larimer. The students collaborated with us in creating these distinct portraits. Students were engaged in the process of being able to see each other’s uniqueness, qualities, and identity.

Creating Art in the "Classroom"
and in the "Community"

Classroom Art
Bakery Square
Bakery Square Art
Classroom Art


Granite Building (6th & Wood St., Downtown Pittsburgh)

This photographic series is about the rhythm, color, and understanding of one’s history and culture. It’s a celebration of overcoming. It’s about awakening to who we are, and who we are meant to be.  A special thanks to the staff and students at Propel Charter Schools in McKeesport and Braddock Hills.

Judah - Curtis Reaves
Judah - Curtis Reaves
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